The Conclusive Verdict on Quick Extender Pro

Most penile traction articles will have you believe that these devices are a magical solution that turns your petite penis into a monstrous member. Although these marketing gimmicks can cleverly promote half-baked truths, there is an increasing culture of scientific evidence indicating that penile extenders do work.

However, these positive results are often conducted in controlled groups with medically approved variables that are often missing in your ordinary penile extender. Amongst the sea of mediocre products, Quick Extender Pro continues rising as a viable alternative and highly sought-after device.

Today, we want to revisit this device, not just as a regular Quick Extender Pro review, but as a final assessment of all the tests, evidence, and investigative findings we’ve collected over time.

Discover below if the Quick Extender Pro is merely another marketing marvel or a true diamond in the rough among penile extenders.

What Makes Our Tests So Reliable

There’s really no lack of reviews and promotions that attempt to market penile extenders today. So, why add to the existing sea of blog posts and articles that attempt to review these devices? The simple answer here is that we wish to provide customers with unbiased, trustworthy, and objective evaluation of these products so that you’re not scammed, fooled, or tricked into purchasing devices you don’t need.

Our approach involves putting the device through a variety of tests and demonstrations to see if each feature works as claimed by the manufacturer. These tests include both laboratory investigations as well as real trials by experts and volunteers. The data gathered and observations made are compiled to form an overall assessment that reflects the advantages and drawbacks of the device with full transparency.

We also have an investigative and research department that measures the device against prevailing medical standards and industry-leading standards. This covers everything from the manufacture of the extender to the final results it creates in users.

The Quick Extender Pro: Description and Overview

Before we breakdown the individual components, features, and evaluation results, let’s understand what the Quick Extender Pro is and what it represents.

Quick Extender Pro is a successful series of penile extenders that are manufactured by Innovatech Designs. Unlike medically invasive procedures, Quick Extender Pro is a device that works externally to elongate and enhance the size of your penis through targeted traction. Sporting breakthrough designs like the DSS, the Quick Extender Pro certainly cuts an impressive figure when compared with other penile extenders in the market today.

The extender is a carefully engineered device that can accommodate any penis size and is constructed with top medical grade and superior quality silicon. Users report that the enhancements they experience are visible both in the length and girth of their penis.

The manufacturers also claim that the Quick Extender Pro can help men with Peyronie’s Disease regain better penis shape and size. We’ve discussed our evaluation of this claim further below.

About the Company

The Quick Extender Pro device is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Innovatech Designs, a company based out of New York, US.

Although their official address falls under 228 Park Avenue, NY, their operations and products go well beyond the United States with sales and devices being delivered to almost every corner of the world.

Apart from the customer-favorite Quick Extender Pro, Innovatech Designs also deals with a line of male enhancement pills called PrematureX. These are the two primary products that fly out of Innovatech Design’s shelves. And their focus on the male enhancement industry is also a sign of how proficient they are with their products. Many other penile enhancement companies will often double up as herbal brands, cosmetic companies, and suppliers of supplements.

With almost 10 years in the industry, Innovatech Designs looks to scale even greater heights and bigger products in the future.

Innovatech Designs have mastered the art of creating a stellar device that’s backed up by unmatched customer service, throwaway deals, and a dedication to continue perfecting and refining their already-great design.


How Quick Extender Pro Works: The Process

The Quick Extender Pro combines the science of safe penile traction with the promotion of natural cellular growth to create a painless method of enlarging your penis. The procedure is fairly straightforward and involves three simple and basic steps.

The exact sequence of penile growth and degree of enhancement may vary from one user to another. So, the phases mentioned below aren’t hard and fast boundaries that take place in every user’s experience. Instead, these steps serve as an overall framework that can apply to any user’s development as they continue wearing the extender for sustained periods and follow consistent schedules.

First Step: Put on Your Quick Extender Pro

Your personal Quick Extender Pro will reach you intact and already assembled. So, the most work you’ll have to do while putting it on is simply aligning the parts and straps to fit your current penis length. The device will get to work and begin applying light degrees of tension in your penis as it begins the traction process.

You may experience the sensation of the traction acting on your penis, and the feeling is more noticeable during the first few days. It’s an unusual sensation but nothing unbearable or painful. Thanks to the Double-Strap Support feature and the addition of comfort pads, there’s very little discomfort or uneasiness that you might expect from penile extenders.

The Quick Extender Pro gets to work right away as your body starts preparing to experience growth in the penis. As traction begins, the extender stretches your erectile tissue allowing for more blood flow and healthier circulation. So, it’s common to notice fuller and harder erections during this initial phase.

Second Step: Gradual Development of Micro Tears

As the carefully calibrated traction continues to work, your skin and tissues will slowly start responding to the tension being applied. Tiny tears will gradually start taking place along the shaft and in the tissue of your penis. These tears are microscopic in size, and you won’t feel any difference when they do happen.

The minuscule nature of these tears also means that you won’t even be able to see them. But the sensation of your penis under tense traction is a sign that it’s happening. This painless phase is the start of your member being elongated and stretched to a bigger size.

As the tears develop, gaps are created in the tissues, which will make way for more mass and further tissue generation in the penis.

Third Step: Healing Microtears and regenerating tissue

Following a few weeks of tension and micro tears, your body will detect the small tears appearing along the tissues of the penis. Here, the body’s natural mechanisms will take over and start filling the gaps that appear in the stretched tissues. Mitosis, as it’s commonly known, is the process where existing cells attempt to divide themselves to occupy vacant tissue spots created by these minuscule tears.

It’s the same principle behind bodybuilders who exert their bodies and create enough tension to allow micro-tears (with the aim of building muscle with the new tissue).

What Makes the Quick Extender Pro Stand Out?

Although the Quick Extender Pro has the distinction of being a well-rounded, high-quality, and effective device altogether, it has an innovative feature that sets it miles ahead of the nearest competition. For anyone still wondering, this standout feature is the Double Strap System or the DSS, in short.

The DSS feature in Quick Extender Pro is a simple yet striking example of medical engineering and cutting-edge technology. Don’t let the plain and unassuming design fool you. It’s a component that delivers the efficiency and comfort that the Quick Extender Pro is known for.

As the name suggests, the DSS sports two identical straps that bind around your penis. Each strap is a tube made of the highest grade of silicon approved for medical devices. While one tube secures the head of the penis, the other holds the shaft. This dual grip allows for more balanced traction and prevents excessive pressure on one spot.

The tension applied to the penis is also more controlled, thanks to the distribution of pressure across the two straps. A big advantage of this grip is that it doesn’t suffer from slippages or stability issues faced by other devices that claim to be the best penile extender.

When you look closely at the DSS contraption, the icing on the proverbial cake is the additional comfort pads that come along with the device. These pads ensure that any tension or traction applied to your penis does not cause pain or discomfort in any way. So, you can wear the extender for hours at a time without the need for rest or relief in between.

Quick Extender Pro’s Different Designs and Editions

The Quick Extender Pro caters to a wide demographic of individuals, all having different penile sizes, varying targets, and even different budget levels. Over the years, the makers of Quick Extender Pro have realized the diverse nature of their customer base.

As a result, there are four different editions that all come under the Quick Extender Pro banner. Each variant has a distinct advantage for the buyer, and users can choose depending on which model serves their purpose the best.

Quick Extender Pro: Value Edition

The Value Edition is ideal for new users or beginners who want to get a feel for how the device works but don’t want to splurge everything on a premium model of the series. It’s also a great extender choice for users who are experienced by still want to go for a pocket-friendly alternative.

Although termed as the Value Edition, the device still comes with a full set that sports the DSS design. However, the lower price tag also brings with it a few compromises. One is that you get a minimal or almost zero collection of spare parts with this package. And the other striking drawback is that this device can help you grow to a maximum of 7 inches.

Quick Extender Pro: Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition

The Curvature and Peyronie’s Edition is a targeted package that’s specialized for men who struggle with trying to straighten their penises. This may mean users who naturally have a curved member or those who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, which results from fibrous tissue in the penis making erections seem unsightly or painful.

This device attempts to apply the full leverage of penile traction so that your penis gets straightened and stays that way. It goes through a quick four-step process that takes about three months to fully execute.

The first phase is the initial week when your penis is still accommodating the new sensation of being held by the extender’s tubes and rings. In the second phase, the device begins applying tension to your flaccid penis, and this takes a few more weeks. By the 8th or 9th week, the third phase begins where the curvature of your penis starts to realign itself to a straighter shape. Finally, by the end of the 12th week or third month, the improvement in the curvature of your penis is quite visible and it’s up to you, the user, to decide whether to continue using the device.

Quick Extender Pro: Deluxe Standard Edition

For users who like the middle ground in quality and efficiency, the Deluxe Standard Edition offers the most balanced package among all the devices. It’s also the highest-selling and best-rated extender among all four editions.

The enhancement capability of this device is an impressive 8 inches, and it comes with all the necessary bells and whistles that add value to an already great device. The package will include six comfort pads, six tubes (medical-grade silicon), a travel pouch, and a general carrying case for everyday use.

The Deluxe Standard Edition is also the only package that comes with an advanced DSS glan support feature, which delivers better results in less time than the regular DSS design.

So, if you’re unsure of which extender to go for and you have some money to spare, the Deluxe Standard Edition will offer you everything you need in a Quick Extender Pro.

Quick Extender Pro: Deluxe Limited Edition

The Deluxe Limited Edition is rightly called the crème de la crème of the Quick Extender Pro series. That’s because this package comes with all the accessories, spare components, and additional components that make it the complete solution in penile extension.

Besides all the accessories included in the Standard Edition, this package includes a booster pump for added traction and extension of your penis. Furthermore, you’ll get the Quick Extender Pro’s strongest set of springs which delivers the maximum traction for correcting curvature or elongating the length.

Additional components in the Limited Edition include comfort pads made of memory foam, and a DVD set that has six volumes of resources, guides, and exclusive product information.

Are the Quick Extender Pro Devices Safe to Use?

A recurring question with many first-time users is whether the Quick Extender Pro devices cause injury or induce other side effects.

In the long hours of tests and comprehensive examinations we conducted on each device, there was no issue of harm or injury caused in any instance. With months of usage and thousands of hours worn, this absence of injury speaks volumes about how well the safety features work in Quick Extender Pro.

Many ordinary penile extenders often come with inferior builds and cheap materials. This makes the product more affordable but poses risks of infection, rashes, or skin reactions for the user. Quick Extender Pro’s devices all come with medically tested, high-grade silicon construction making them extremely safe and reliable.

The comfort pads that come with the Deluxe Editions are also a handy feature in safety. Although their primary aim is comfort, they double up as padding that prevents cuts, bruises, or scratches. As a device used in the body’s most sensitive area, this is certainly a plus point.

Is Penile Traction the Only Option or Are There Alternatives for Penile Enhancement?

Many users are indecisive about choosing penile traction treatments because these methods sound unconventional or appear to be painful. When considering other available options, penile enhancement surgery usually appears as the most common alternative.

However, penile surgery doesn’t enjoy a great track record in the vast majority of instances. Patients of invasive procedures like penile surgery can end up with unpleasant penile conditions that include deformities, increased curvature, serious wounds, or a dysfunction of sexual ability. These are very serious and dreadful conditions that cannot be ruled out if you decide to let your penis under a surgical blade.

Even if you don’t want to know about these adverse effects, there’s is ample evidence about complications being common with any penile enhancement surgery.

So, while surgery remains an alternative, it poses concerning risks of doing irreparable damage to your body in general and your penis in particular. Even with traction technology, safety is ensured only when the device is proven to meet medical standards and real-world application. The Quick Extender Pro, thus, remains the most viable option as a safe, reliable, and medically non-invasive approach to penis enhancement.

How Big Can My Penis Grow with Quick Extender Pro?

The exact measurement of gains brought about by Quick Extender Pro can vary from user to user. However, the constant factor that determines the difference is the consistency with which you wear it.

If you follow all instructions and use the extender for dedicated hours, the average increase per month can be about 5-6% for most users. With traction conditioning taking up the first few weeks, and the micro-tearing and tissue building taking several more weeks, you can expect the most results at the end of 5-6 months. The gains in size and length will obviously be visible from the initial weeks, of course. However, the maximum gains you can get will probably take effect after about six months of consistent use.

Most users reveal that the gains they’ve experienced can go up to 3-4 inches on average. So, if your current penis length is about 5 inches, proving your sexual prowess with 8 inches of hardness in the next six months is certainly a success.

The limit of gains you can expect will also depend on the Quick Extender Pro Edition you use. For instance, the Value Edition can extend your penis to a maximum length of 7 inches, while the Deluxe Editions can go up to 8 inches or more.

Calculated Scores and Assessment of Quick Extender Pro’s Features

Here, we present the numbers and a general evaluation of Quick Extender Pro’s top features so that you can make detailed comparisons with competing products or simply understand your device better.

Expected Gains and Increase in Size (4.9/5 Stars)

The Quick Extender Pro’s ability to enhance both girth and penis length remains the most impressive feature of the product. For a penis size of 5 inches, a 6-7% monthly gain may translate to 0.7-0.8 centimeters regularly. That easily comes to more than two inches gained at the end of the sixth month and possibly more after that.

Multiple Editions (4.2/5 Stars)

Another handy feature of the Quick Extender Pro is the four different variants users get. So, whether you want to effectively straighten your curved penis or add a few manly inches to your member, there’s a variant that specially addresses your need.

Privacy and Discretion (4.8/5 Stars)

When purchasing Quick Extender Pro, no information from your card gets stored on their servers and they hold a liability insurance of 2 million dollars if convicted of fraud. As far as receiving the device goes, you get a discreet package that’s covered inconspicuously with no mention of the contents inside.

Money-back Guarantee and Warranty (4.7/5 Stars)

Innovatech Designs have so much confidence and faith in their Quick Extender Pro series that they offer a full refund if the results are not as expected within a specified period. Of course, you’ll have to closely follow the intended instructions and routines for this offer to stand. But models like the Deluxe Limited Edition keep this offer up for as long as six months for you to see the gains. Plus, all the extenders come with an assertive lifetime warranty on structure and durability.

Novel Features (4.95/5 Stars)

When compared with competing products like the Jes Extender, Phallosan Forte, Size Genetics, Male Edge, etc., Quick Extender Pro invariably comes out on top thanks to its breakthrough designs and innovative components. For instance, the Dual Strap System (DSS) is a revolutionary innovation in penile extension technology that delivers better grip, more balance, and even traction, all through a simple design tweak. Also, the added comfort pads make it easier for users to wear the device for long periods, unlike competing products that become painful or uncomfortable after some time.

Closing Verdict

The Quick Extender Pro may appear as simply another penile extender among the troves of enhancement devices flooding the market today. But a closer inspection and extensive testing reveal that its traction system and efficient build are simply a class above the other extenders.

With impressive features, real and measurable gains, and respect for its users’ privacy and confidentiality, Quick Extender Pro may easily be the best penile enhancement device available today.